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Aayo Phagun: Splendour Of The Spring
Aayo Phagun: Splendour Of The Spring
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Phagun is the latest month in the Hindu sun based logbook. The period of basant (spring) that has effectively set in a month sooner, stretches out into phagun. Nature keeps on wearing a verdant look with the scent of crisp blooms, birdsong and an uproar of hues amid Holi. Indian music, be it traditional, semi-established or society, is packed with tunes and organizations portraying life in every one of its perspectives and catching the differed tones of phagun. Kalapini Komkali is the girl and follower of unbelievable maestro Kumar Gandharva and Vasundhara Komkali. In this topical introduction, she will sing a choice of melodies drawn from Gandharva's rich collection, to commend the happiness of phagun.