Photographic Eye of Jyoti Bhatt at The Guild Art Gallery, Mumbai

An installation view of Jyoti Bhatt’s show at The Guild Art Gallery titled The Photographic Eye of Jyoti Bhatt.
(Courtesy: The Guild Art Gallery, Mumbai)

The Guild Art Gallery in Mumbai is hosting an exhibition, titled 'The Photographic Eye of Jyoti Bhatt', on view through February 18, 2017.  

The exhibition showcases photographs by Jyoti Bhatt and is curated by photographer, writer, curator Ram Rahman. The exhibits provide an understanding of the photographic eye of Jyoti Bhatt and how he completely understands the nature of the camera and the medium and its difference from his painting and printmaking. Bhatt's document of the village murals show his delight in the art-making of rural India, in the clothing and jewellery of the vibrant peasant culture. His larger format square negative portraits of his fellow artists show an informal formality and are spread over with an intimate camaraderie. Bhatt picks up quotidian details with relish and viewers can find influence of Parekh and Karia. He does not make images that are geographically easy. He shows the ordinariness of clothing and street markets in a way preceding the focus on similar popular culture.

The exhibition is on view at Guild Art Gallery, 28, 3rd Pasta Lane, Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400005. For details, visit,

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