Gati Dance to Host a Workshop and Film by Hrishikesh Pawar

Gati Dance to Host a Workshop and Film by Hrishikesh Pawar
Hrishikesh Pawar
(Courtesy The Gati Dance Forum)


Hrishikesh Pawar began his career as a dancer by studying kathak, but soon turned for inspiration to modern dance legends Pina Bausch, Gret Palucca, and Martha Graham. He will conduct a workshop titled “In-Between Spaces,” followed by a screening of “Dance for Parkinson’s Disease” filmed at his Pune center, at Delhi’s Gati Dance Forum on June 30.

Pawar studied kathak under guru Rohini Bhate and guru Sharadhini Gole, and is a student of guru Amala Shekhar. “In-Between Spaces,” conducted from 4pm to 6.30pm on June 30, will engage participants in a range of movement from kathak, ballet, and modern dance, to encourage “a creative process of merging your senses and evolving an independent movement vocabulary,” according to the press release.

“Dance for Parkinson’s Disease,” which will be screened at 7pm on June 30, spotlights the program initiated in 2001 by the Mark Morris Dance Group and the Brooklyn Parkinson Group in the US, and currently run in affiliation at Pawar’s Centre of Contemporary Dance in Pune. People with Parkinson’s Disease are led through movements from Indian classical and modern dance. “The class is an aesthetic experience that uses narrative, imagery, live music, and community to develop artistry and grace,” the press release notes, while also addressing concerns such as balance, flexibility, coordination, and isolation. “The film is a documentation, celebrating dance and its benefit to the participants.”

June 30 at Gati Dance Forum, Delhi. Workshop fees Rs 500. Free entry for the film screening. Register for both events by email, indicating the event you are interested in, your name, contact phone number and email address, and your movement/dance background. Call 9971406113 for details.